We would like to take this written opportunity to introduce our company of professionals. We are backed by 32 years experience creating landscapes in the Calgary area. I grew up in this trade as my family was involved in it. My son, who has attended Olds College now works with the company and is continuing the tradition.

Our services include design, building, consulting and bringing your ideas and ours together to create a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy. We enjoy working with natural stone quarried in Alberta and BC. Creating walls, patios, sidewalks, ponds and more. 

If you are considering landscaping new land or rescuing a property in distress, we have a very unique and natural approach with emphasis on 
colour, harmony and year-round appeal. Our approach to your needs will delight you as it has many others over the years. We stress the use of organic methods wherever possible.

We have landscaped some of the finest properties in West Calgary, Rocky View, and Bearspaw townships. We know this climate very well and have a keen understanding of loca1 wind conditions, soil types, and the plants best suited for any application.

Our goal is to make each project as beautiful as 
possible, while working within your budget.

With the experience we have gained over the years we can offer you good value for our services. Our work is very consistent and our crews are highly trained. We take our work very seriously but we also have fun doing it. You see, for 
us this isn't just a job; this is our life's work.

Jim & Jude Gauld

For a consultation, references, and photos of past work, please contact us or call 403-242-4817.

A 4th Generation Company of Gardening Landscapers

Our staff is Olds College and ICS trained as we believe great work is the result of great training and skills. We also know we have a responsibility to help make a better world for everyone. For this reason we support the World Wildlife Fund, and we are active members of the Calgary Horticultural Society.

Scottish Gardens, Ltd. 

A 4th Generation Company of Gardening Landscapers

CALL US: 403 242 4817

Welcome To Scottish Gardens


"I have a garden of my own,
but so with roses overgrown.
And lilies that you would it guess to be a little wilderness."

- Andrew Marvcll
(1621 - 1678)